Choosing a nursing home for my husbands

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Celebrating Creativity: Music and Art in Assisted Living Centres

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In the evolving landscape of aged care, music and art have emerged as potent catalysts for enhancing the quality of life in assisted living centres. This blog post looks at how these diverse forms of creative expression play a significant role in stimulating cognition, fostering social interactions and uplifting spirits. The Harmonious Impact of Music Music, often dubbed the universal language, holds a particular charm for residents in assisted living centres. Read More»

The Faces of an Over-55-Living Facility: The Different Types of Workers You'll Find

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When you walk into an over-55-living facility, the first thing you’ll likely notice are the faces of the workers. These individuals play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of these facilities and come from all walks of life. There are different types of workers that you’ll find in this type of setting, and each has its own unique set of skills and responsibilities. This article looks closely at some of the different faces you’ll find at an over-55-living facility. Read More»

3 Things To Consider When Moving Into A Retirement Village

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Living in a retirement village is a dream come true for most seniors. However, many seniors do not understand the inner workings of retirement villages or the considerations to make when choosing a retirement village. Below is an explosive excerpt detailing a few things you should know about retirement villages.  Choosing A Retirement Village Choosing a retirement village can be confusing since you have hundreds of facilities to choose from. Consider these tips:  Read More»

Over 55 Living Tips

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Most people are likely to get anxious and worried as they approach their retirement years. It is especially so since they experience drastic life changes now that they are no longer in active employment. The extract below details a few ways to prepare for over 55 living with the hope that you will enjoy your retirement years.  Plan Your Accommodation Assess your needs to establish a suitable senior living option. Typically you will have to choose one of the following:  Read More»

How to Choose a Retirement Village

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Many people would want to spend their retirement years in a retirement village. Choosing a village can be a complicated task. Read this guide for some expert tips on how to choose one.  Read Reviews  Check online reviews to determine the reputation of the retirement village. Some of your concerns should include; does the village have friendly and professional staff? Does the village have friendly terms of living? For instance, are you allowed to live with your family, sublet, or sell your unit? Read More»

How Over-55 Living Makes Your Money Go Further Without Compromising On Your Freedom

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First, it is important to establish that over-55 living is not a retirement village. Many of the residents who live in over-55 communities are still employed and move into these areas for a variety of reasons. If you want to make the most out of your finances without losing a bit of your freedom, as you would with a retirement village, then over-55 living is the perfect solution for you. Here are three reasons why over-55 living can help you make the most of your money. Read More»

Should Retirement Communities Be Different for Indigenous Australians?

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Not all that long ago, Turkey would have been a fantastic place to retire. Turkish taxpayers were able to retire after paying approximately 25 years worth of the mandatory contributions to their retirement fund. Depending on when a person started working, this means that retirement would have been possible in their 40s! This has since been amended, and Turkey now permits retirement at the age of 58 for women, and at the age of 60 for men. Read More»

Signs That Indicate Your Parents May Need Aged Care

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It can be very difficult to come to terms with the fact that your parents may need aged care, meaning professional assistance with living in their own home, or a move to a care facility of some sort. However, as parents get older, it’s good to understand how challenging it can be for them to live on their own, especially if they have particular medical needs. Note a few signs that are easy to overlook and which might indicate that your parents are no longer safe on their own. Read More»

Looking Past Bad Press to Find the Perfect Retirement Village

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Recently, the media has focused some negative attention on retirement villages. The good news is that according to industry surveys, 98 percent of residents indicate that they would still choose to live in a retirement village if they had to go back and make the decisions again. It’s also important to remember that not all villages are the same. If you’ve been following some of the recent media coverage, you may be wondering how to tell a great retirement village from a subpar one. Read More»