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3 Things To Consider When Moving Into A Retirement Village

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Living in a retirement village is a dream come true for most seniors. However, many seniors do not understand the inner workings of retirement villages or the considerations to make when choosing a retirement village. Below is an explosive excerpt detailing a few things you should know about retirement villages. 

Choosing A Retirement Village

Choosing a retirement village can be confusing since you have hundreds of facilities to choose from. Consider these tips: 

  • Location: A conveniently located retirement village ensures you have easy access to malls, banks, recreational centres and are close to your family.
  • Accommodation options: Depending on your needs, you could go for a large standalone property with several bedrooms or a small apartment.
  • Payment options: Most villages will allow you to buy or lease the property. Leases are ideal when you need a short-term accommodation while purchasing suits seniors who intend to spend several years in the facility.
  • Residents: The demographics and composition of the residents are significant factors when choosing a village. For example, you may select a village whose residents belong to your religion or your former profession. 

Retirement Village Contracts

The retirement village contract is a vital concern when moving into the facility. Typically, it details how you can use your property and your relationship with the retirement village management. If possible, you should ask your lawyer to go through the contract. Remember, some legal terminologies can be puzzling. Nonetheless, you should check the property use clause to determine the do's and don'ts when living in the village. For example, management could prohibit you from building landscape installations, changing the property's exterior, roof or fence. Besides, you might need approvals to conduct significant interior renovations, such as pulling down a wall. The management could also prohibit loud parties at night. Additionally, you could be required to pay an annual maintenance fee. 

How Retirement Villages Work 

Retirement villages are complexes specialising in providing senior accommodation. Unlike other types of retirement living facilities, villages are more inclined towards independent living. As such, you get to live in your house. However, the village management can organise housekeeping services such as laundry, cooking and cleaning dishes. Most villages are designed to encourage seniors to interact. For instance, they have recreational facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools to encourage residents to live a healthy lifestyle. Besides, residents can form special interest groups and charities. 

Retirement villages are your best choice when looking for senior accommodation. Consider the recommended tips when choosing a facility and reviewing the retirement village contract. Reach out to a local retirement living facility to learn more.