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How Over-55 Living Makes Your Money Go Further Without Compromising On Your Freedom

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First, it is important to establish that over-55 living is not a retirement village. Many of the residents who live in over-55 communities are still employed and move into these areas for a variety of reasons. If you want to make the most out of your finances without losing a bit of your freedom, as you would with a retirement village, then over-55 living is the perfect solution for you. Here are three reasons why over-55 living can help you make the most of your money.

Community Services

When you get older, there are a few things that get more and more tiring and that you wish you didn't have to spend any energy on. Cleaning, gardening, cooking and so on are all basic household chores that can be taken care of in an over-55 living area. Of course, if you want to garden because it is one of your hobbies, that is perfectly fine, too; it is just good to have the option. Because all of these services are provided in the same area, they are all much cheaper than they would be where you currently live.


When they get into their 50's and 60's, most people begin to realise that their current households are far too big for them to enjoy. Perhaps the kids have all moved out, or maybe you simply have a lot of rooms you don't use as much as you once did. These rooms can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your houses value, so by selling your house and downsizing to a more appropriate house in an over-55 living community, you can add a lot to your savings by being more efficient. When they think of all the extra holidays or activities they could have with that money, most people find it an easy choice.

Community Living Spaces

Most people love joining over-55 communities because they get to go through life with like-minded people in a comfortable setting. There are typically many community living spaces, such as swimming pools, gyms, cafes, libraries and more. These communities are also often not too far from larger shopping areas, making day trips very easy, and sometimes these are even organised by the staff who work there. If you want to start enjoying the most of your free time in a peaceful setting with people your own age, then there really is no better option than over-55 living.