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How to Choose a Retirement Village

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Many people would want to spend their retirement years in a retirement village. Choosing a village can be a complicated task. Read this guide for some expert tips on how to choose one. 

Read Reviews 

Check online reviews to determine the reputation of the retirement village. Some of your concerns should include; does the village have friendly and professional staff? Does the village have friendly terms of living? For instance, are you allowed to live with your family, sublet, or sell your unit? Will you have an easy time adapting to life at the facility? Social activities such as regular barbeques and charity events are an opportunity for new residents to make friends. Inquire whether the village has a waitlist. If it does, you need to make an early booking. 

Determine the Need for Specialised Villages

Some villages will admit special groups such as people affiliated with a particular profession or religion. They are ideal for people that would want to live among people they can identify with. If this is your case, look for a specialised retirement village. 

Retirement Village Services

Retirement villages offer a wide array of services. They include: 

  • Check whether the village has modern sporting facilities such as golf courses, age-friendly swimming pools, and tennis courts. You will also find libraries and conference halls for seniors who would want to meet.
  • Restaurants and bars for residents who would want to eat out.
  • Serviced apartments with housekeepers to shop, cook, clean laundry and the house.
  • Trained medical personnel who can monitor the health of ailing residents. It is a sure way to reduce your visits to the doctor.
  • Some villages will have counsellors to manage the mental health of residents. 

Type of Home 

Check the homes available at the retirement village. For example, a large home is ideal if you want friends and family to visit during the weekends and holidays. You should also check features such as sufficient parking space, a lawn, and recreational spaces such as a deck or a gazebo. The homes must be age-friendly. For example, storey houses should have an elevator. Besides, the house should have rails to support you as you walk. The shelves and working spaces should not be too high. 

Check the costs of living in the retirement village. In most cases, seniors can lease, rent or purchase a home in the complex. You will also incur extra fees such as a waiting fee, a monthly or annual fee to maintain facilities in the retirement village.

When choosing a retirement village, check its reviews, residents, available services and the accommodation options.